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I apologize in advance for the silliness to follow in this post and the series I am starting.

On August 4, 2014, young Noah Ritter captured the Internet’s hearts with his unfiltered tales of Powerball and amusement park rides on live local news. Apparently. Noah reminds us as parents and teachers to always be mindful of the words we model for the young ‘uns, because we don’t always get to choose which quirks of our vocabularies become part of their vocabularies. Apparently.

This is the Apparently Kid coloring sheet! Noah said he’d never been on live TV before. What’s something you’ve never done? Is there something you’d really like to do if you had the chance? What would you say on the live local news? Have fun.

apparently coloring sheet

“Apparently … “

PDF (179 kb) • right click to save link • print at 100% with no scaling

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