STAAR Test & Break Time Rosters

Who loves state testing?! Thought so! And who loves extra data collection for state testing? Sure, we all do!

If you were looking for a couple of rosters to help keep track of your students’ total testing time and total break time on the 2016 STAAR Test, you’ve come to the right place. This PDF file contains worksheets for you to fill in as you actively monitor!

Please listen to your campus test coordinator for all the official papers and rosters and maps and secret codes they want you to use, turn in, or destroy in a fire following the test. If these rosters seem complicated or confusing, they are not for you and don’t use them. Otherwise, have fun and stay organized. Transfer this info to each student’s answer document upon completion. For the break time roster, you can roughly estimate their potty breaks (I know, can you believe we get paid to do this?!) or fill in the boxes minute by minute! It’s up to you! Or most likely your principal. Just be accurate, professional, follow the rules, and have fun!

STAAR Total Testing & Break Time Roster PDF


(All these links go to the same single PDF file, containing both rosters.)


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